Slash’s ‘Deathstalker’ Graphic Novel Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Deathstalker comic
Nathan Gooden/Kickstarter

As we previously reported, Deathstalker is being revived as a graphic novel courtesy of Vault Comics, Shout! Studios, Raven Banner Entertainment, and the rocker Slash. Described as a reimagining of the 1983 sword-and-sorcery movie, the new adventure is based on a story by Steve Kostanski (Psycho Goreman, The Void) and will reunite Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash) and artist Jim Terry (Come Home, Indio) following their West of Sundown collaboration.

“I’m excited to be kicking off a new era of Deathstalker,” Slash said in a press release. “From Tim Seeley, artist Jim Terry, writer-director-creature FX-wizard Steven Kostanski, and myself, our Deathstalker is a reimagining of that fine specimen of 80s sword and sorcery. With fantasy, you get a little of everything: horror, magic, sex, thrills, blood, guts, swords, and weirdness. You know—all those things you can’t look away from. And that’s what we’re bringing. So—please—if you share my love of all things wicked, check it out!”

This view was echoed by Seeley and Terry, both of whom grew up during the VHS era when the sword-and-sorcery boom was all the rage. “Deathstalker has been near and dear to my heart since I was completely disturbed and aroused by it at a far too young age,” Seeley said before noting that he’s excited to play in this universe and work with his collaborators. 

Terry, meanwhile, hopes that they can recreate some of the film’s imaginative charm with their comic. “I’m already enjoying myself, and very much looking forward to wandering in a world I’m very familiar with and making something that we hope will be an absolute blast to read.”

The original Deathstalker tells the story of the titular warrior (Rick Hill) as he embarks on a mythic quest to find a chalice, amulet, and sword. It’s an exciting adventure, too, as he must contend with evil sorcerers, ghastly ogres, and blood tournaments. The fantasy film was followed by three sequels in the form of Deathstalker II, Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell, and Deathstalker IV: Match of Titans.

The Deathstalker Kickstarter campaign is now live. Fantasy enthusiasts have until November 9 to make their pledge.