‘Suitable Flesh’ Trailer: Joe Lynch’s Latest Blends Erotica with Lovecraft

Heather Graham in the Suitable Flesh trailer
RLJE Films

Joe Lynch is returning to the horror realm this month with Suitable Flesh, an erotic slice of scare fare that’s already earned rave reviews from its festival run. The story, which is based on H.P. Lovecraft’s The Thing on the Doorstep, follows a psychiatrist who becomes obsessed with a seductive younger patient who has multiple personalities. After killing one of her patients, she starts experiencing horrors of the supernatural variety which may be linked to a curse. What can possibly go wrong? Check out the Suitable Flesh trailer below.

Suitable Flesh stars Heather Graham, Judah Lewis, Jonathan Schaech, Chris McKenna, Bruce Davison, and Graham Skipper. The film was also produced by the legendary horror filmmaker Brian Yuzna, who’s no stranger to Lovecraftian horror after directing Bride of Re-Animator, Beyond Re-Animator, and a segment in the anthology movie Necronomicon. Furthermore, the script comes courtesy of Dennis Paoli, the screenwriter of Stuart Gordon’s Re-Animator and From Beyond, both of which are highly regarded Lovecraftian adaptations among horror fans.

Judging by the trailer, Suitable Flesh is also a throwback to the types of Lovecraftian adaptations produced by Yuzna, Gordon, and Paoli during the ‘80s and ‘90s, albeit with a modern spin. What’s more, Lynch has revealed in several interviews that the film was inspired by erotic thrillers and neo-noir, so fans can expect another genre-mashing treat from the director of Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, Everly, and Mayhem.

At the time of publishing, Suitable Flesh boasts a 94 percent Fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes following its festival run earlier this year. Critics have praised the film for its humour, splatter, and willingness to explore the pleasure of the flesh. The movie will be available in select UK and Irish cinemas on October 24 before it makes its way to Shudder in 2024.