‘Terrifier’ Director Damien Leone Teases Two New Projects

Art the Clown
Bloody Disgusting

Damien Leone’s Terrifier 3 will bring back Art the Clown for another sadistic hack-and-slash adventure. However, the director has plans to move beyond the horror franchise that put him on the map, which he opened up about during a recent interview with Rue Morgue.

One of the projects in question could see the Terrifier director team up with horror royalty for an original offering. Leone remained tight-lipped about the specifics, but he hopes to see the project come to fruition.

“Right now, I have an original concept of mine in development with Sam Raimi’s production company, Ghost House Pictures. I wish I could tell you more about that, but I can’t. That would be amazing because Sam Raimi is one of my heroes, obviously, and that whole process – just meeting with them and talking about it – has been amazing.”

Of course, Raimi has a history of working with rising genre filmmakers. Fede Alvarez, the director best known for the Evil Dead reboot and Don’t Breathe, ascended Hollywood after teaming up with the Spider-Man filmmaker. As of this writing, he’s working on an Alien movie, proving that there are benefits to being a Raimi protege.

During the conversation with Rue Morgue, Leone also revealed that he’s working on a non-horror project. “It’s a reboot of a classic, sort of, exploitation film,” he said. “[It’s] not a horror movie, but I might get the opportunity to write and direct that, so that’s exciting.”

Those might not be the only projects on Leone’s horizon, either. The Terrifier director recently told Slash Film that he wants to make a Friday the 13th movie, noting that his idea takes place in the 1980s and would make Jason Voorhees scary again. As it stands, the Friday the 13th franchise is caught up in legal mambo jumbo, but Leone’s propensity for slasher fare makes him an ideal choice to resurrect it, should the opportunity manifest.