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Greetings, ghouls, and welcome to Amicus Horror. 

If you’re visiting this website then it’s because you’ve heard that Amicus Productions is back from the grave. In the Grip of Terror, the studio’s first feature film in over 40 years, is currently in development and you can help us bring it to life by supporting and promoting our Kickstarter campaign. However, this website you’re reading will be more than a platform that covers new film projects coming out of our British horror studio.

Let’s get the depressing stuff out of the way first. The last few years have been a tumultuous time for online media, especially for outlets that cover entertainment. The algorithms keep changing, making it difficult for news websites to gain any page real estate on Google. What’s more, the global economy is still feeling the impact of the pandemic, and it’s hit the media realm particularly hard. 

This has all led to the proliferation of pop culture websites that specialize in clickbait and plucking stories out of thin air. Some outlets are even replacing talented human contributors with artificial intelligence programs, and they’ll be partly to blame when Philip K. Dick’s dystopic sci-fi nightmares eventually become a reality. It’s a depressing time for entertainment media, but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom.

Logic dictates that 2023 isn’t the best time to launch a horror news and editorial website. Then again, it probably isn’t the wisest time to resurrect a dormant British film studio either, as the nation’s film industry was recently described as a “ghost town” by some experts. But we’re doing it anyway, solely because we’re fuelled by passion and believers in the mantra of being the change we want to see.

Amicus Horror is a labour of love that was founded by horror fans, for horror fans. Our independent horror studio aims to usher in a new golden age of British genre cinema that Milton Subotsky, Max Rosenberg, and their peers would be proud of. Similarly, this website aims to carve out a niche as a go-to place for celebrating, promoting, and engaging with the genre we love. We already have some exciting features in the works, including some exclusive insights from Amicus Productions’ new president, Lawrie Brewster.

We love horror for its diversity, but we’re especially interested in elevating and promoting the independent scene, with a special emphasis on British films. So, if you have a horror project you’d like to promote, feel free to reach out to kieran@amicushorror.co.uk and tell us about it. We can’t promise that we’ll cover everything that comes into our inbox, but we’ll do our best to promote everything that aligns with the interests of our readership and Amicus Horror’s sensibilities.

What we do promise, though, is a horror website that respects the genre and its fandom. That means no articles written by robots or content that adds to the negative trends in the current media landscape. At some point, we’ll also place a call for writers and journalists who share our passions. Exciting times lie ahead for Amicus Horror, and we hope you become part of this journey with us.